How many handfuls are in a litre?

Typically, there are between 10-15 handfuls in a litre and we would advise you to buy one litre per 10-12 guests.  

Are your petals natural?

Yes.  We only sell carefully sourced and naturally grown petals, hand picked and sun dried.  All our petals are completely natural in colour and no dyes are added.  

Can I choose my own petals?

We do not yet offer a 'pick & mix' confetti option, however we have a wide range of petals, so please contact us for any special combinations for your big day.  

Will my venue allow petals?

Most churches and venues prefer biodegradable confetti as it means it won't harm the environment and no one has to clean up after your special day. Our petals will biodegrade in just a couple of days and are very eco-friendly.

If you're wedding venue needs a little reassurance why not request a confetti sample from us and show it to your venue?

When should I order my confetti?

You can order your confetti at any point.  All of our confetti is supplied in heat sealed bags, which means the confetti will stay fresher for longer.  We recommend that you open the confetti as close to the time of it's use as possible. 

How should I store my petals?

The petals are easy to store.  All you need to do is to ensure they are kept in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from any moisture.  Your petals may fade in direct light, and humidity allows the petals to biodegrade.  

How much does your packaging hold?

One of our recyclable boxes is supplied with all one and two litre packs of confetti, and can easily hold up to 2 litres of confetti each, making it easy for your guests to pass around the box and collect a handful of confetti each.

Do you use any plastic?

No.  Our packaging and products are all either biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or are used from other recycled products.  

Can they be used for cooking?

Yes the Dried Rose Petals are edible and can be used in a variety of ways.

Can you use in the bath?
Dried Rose Petals work perfect in a bath and add a sense of relaxation!

Can these be used in wax melts?
Yes they can be used for wax melts.

Are they real petals?
Yes all our petals are 100% natural.

How long do the petals last?
The petals stay in great condition for up to a year. Just ensure that they are kept airtight and away from direct bright light. However, we are aware of customers keeping their petals for much longer!

Are they edible and can they be used in food
Yes rose petals are edible and can be used in a variety of ways.

Can i feed my tortoise with these?
Sorry I wouldn't be able to answer this question, as it's not intended to be used as pet food. I would suggest asking an expert in the field as they would probably know either way. Apologies that I couldn't be of more help!

Is this 75g in weight or 1L?
This is 75 grams in weight, which is approximately the same as 1 litre in volume.

Do these only last 12 months once the actual bag is opened? Can they be stored in original packaging for a few years?
The optimum time to keep these petals is under 12 months but we are aware of many customers keeping them in an airtight container for much longer!